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This is the heart of Elude. Missions must be carefully written and tested. The testing ensures the routes used aren't blocked by out-of-service roads, private no-right-of-way, out-of-service bridges etc. It also gives us the opportunity to pick out Wi-Fi IP address locations !

Missions should be designed to be naturally fluid and dynamic to encourage all players to use their imagination and wit. However, they must also be written with clear boundaries and achievable goals. They must also obey the law of the land.

Missions are divided into : Beginner, Basic, Medium and Advanced. Basic missions will be short and easy to play eg quick run around London / Canterbury. Advanced missions will last several days and span counties and possibly countries.

Missions must balance the relative tasks of being the fox and the hounds. The best way is to break each mission into sections, each with a contact who supplies info for the next section. This provides more opportunities for interception.

Basic mission templates :-

  • Surveillance eg taking photos.

  • Deliver incriminating evidence to contact.

  • Pick up package and deliver to contact.

  • Pick-up and escort ex-gang member / witness / scientist and deliver him/her to

  • Find and intercept escaping ex-gang member / witness.

  • Act as honey-trap.

  • Act as contact.

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