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Faversham Creek
Example Mission #2

Level: Basic.
Duration: 2 days.
Location: London / Kent
Players: 2~4. Prize: £200 ~ £400.
Transport Modes: Train only
Fox = Informant, Hounds = Contract hitmen

  • Fox is at home in Chatham (Kent, UK)
  • Fox receives email / text with instructions to log on to the elude website for his mission. Fox accepts mission.
  • The mission :-

    1. He/she is allocated the code name Fox 2491
    2. Find a USB drive (containing CCTV video of a gang shooting) under a rock in an alleyway, Faversham, Kent, UK.
    3. Take USB Drive to a contact who be waiting at Birmingham New Street train station the following day.
    4. The exact location and contact details will be provided.

  • Fox goes (via train) to Faversham to pick up the USB Drive.

  • Shortly after, info about the mission is 'leaked' to the hounds. Their mission is to stop the fox from delivering the video.

  • The hounds learn the fox is going by train and therefore can probably be found on the line between Faversham, Chatham and London Victoria.

  • They wait at Chatham station, so they can board the first train and search it.

  • Fox learns that the hounds have knowledge of his mission but knows he is ahead for now.

  • Fox reports in using their mobile phone using trains Wi-Fi or 4G mobile.

  • Fox arrives in London and stays in a Hotel/B&B.

  • Fox logs into the website and reports in.

  • The hounds learn that the fox is staying in a hotel (from the 'leaked' report) and try to find the fox there - they fail.

  • A non-member sees the fox's report (on the website) and realizes she saw them at the hotel, she sells the info to the hounds - who fail again.

  • Fox goes for a drink in a hotel bar ... and wonders if the pretty lady eyeing him up is a honey-trap put there by one of the hounds!!

  • The hounds decide to go directly to Birmingham and intercept the fox there.

  • Fox also knows that the hounds will try to intercept him/her at Birmingham, so he sends a message to contact to make new arrangements.

  • Fox checks out of the hotel and boards the train.

  • Fox reports in using their mobile phone.

  • Hounds arrive at Birmingham ahead of fox and wait for arriving trains.

  • Fox gets off the train, manages to slip past hounds.

  • Fox gives contact the USB drive and wins the prize.

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