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Example mission #3

Level: Medium.
Duration: 3 days.
Location: UK & IoW (Isle of Wight)
Players 4 or more. Prize: £200 ~ £1000.
Fox = Spy. Hounds = Government agents

  • Player is hanging with his friends in his local pub in Canterbury.

  • A flash car pulls up, and a hot woman gets out, gives the player a package, wishes him good luck and leaves. If the fox is female it could be a hot man instead !

  • Player opens the package. Inside there is a small box and a letter, which reads :-

    • Your code name is Fox 1672
    • The box is a 'nuclear trigger' (It isn't really - obviously !)
    • You must lie low until tomorrow and report to 'Paul' at West Street Mobiles, Faversham, Kent for instructions.
    • Your emergency contact is 01795-xxx-xxx

  • Fox leaves the pub, goes to Faversham and stays in a hotel.

  • Fox reports in and goes to sleep.

  • Fox is unaware that the 'nuclear trigger' contains a GPS tracker and his location is now being delay-leaked to the hounds via the elude website.

  • Fox notices some strange men wondering about outside and thinks they are hounds. Fox asks the hotel staff not to give him away.

  • Fox checks out early the next morning via the rear entrance to avoid hounds and goes to the mobile phone shop to see Paul.

  • Paul gives him an envelope that contains a note, it says :-

    • Take package to the Isle of Wight (IoW)
    • Go to the Bugle Hotel, Yarmouth, Market Square PO41 0
    • Your contact is Catherine (Blonde, green eyes, white dress, blue wristband), she will give you further instructions. Her number is xxxxx-xxx-

    • Fox leaves. Paul logs into elude and reports that the fox has met him.

    • The hounds arrive at the mobile phone shop shortly after.

    • They bribe Paul, and he tells them the fox's description and his instructions.

    • One of the hounds calls one of his girlfriends on the Isle of Wight (IoW) and preps her for a honey-trap mission.

    • Hounds move to Isle of Wight.

    • Fox arrives at the hotel and checks in.

    • Fox reports in (on website) and goes to the bar. He orders a Martini (Shaken not stirred - obviously !)

    • He meets Catherine but quickly realizes she is a honey-trap, he pretends to go to the toilet but instead checks out.

    • Fox moves to a hotel in Newport, Isle of Wight.

    • The hounds believe the fox will leave the Isle of Wight by one of the ferries (Yarmouth & Ryde) and leave a man at each.

    • Fox tells Catherine (the real one) his meeting has been compromised and they re-schedule a meeting at the Needles.

    • Catherine tells him to search rarelist.co.uk for a book called 'The Answer Lays At The Cradlefoot'

    • Fox realizes that elude.eu is leaking data so makes his way to a cybercafé and searches for the book. He obviously doesn't log into elude at that point !

    • Unknown to the fox, rarelist.co.uk is also passing data to elude !

    • The 'book' describes how to find the final contact. The fox leaves the café and makes his way to meet the contact.

    • Catherine goes back to her hotel and is intercepted by the hounds who bribe her for the info she gave the fox.

    • Fox realizes that one hound is probably waiting for him at Yarmouth ferry port and one at Ryde. He finds a man who owns a private boat at Cowes and pays
      him to take him across the water to the mainland.

    • Fox makes his way to a café in Covent Garden and meets the last contact.

    • Fox hands over the item and wins the prize money.

    • Hounds get informed that the fox won and make their way back to the final location.

    • Fox and hounds go 'non-tactical' and meet up with elude staff to discuss various techniques over a few drinks.

    Drinks at Trader Vics, London Hilton

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